A fresh take on an old ritual, inspired by the travels of a wide-eyed wanderer.

From hopping trains out of Chang Mai to working on a cannabis farm, Drew Martin is an herbalist, award-winning mixologist, and wanderer.

For centuries, the ritual of rolling and smoking cannabis has created a strong connection between people all over the world. In a quest to make the most potent strains possible, modern cannabis culture seems to have thrown connection to the backseat. Drew made it his mission to change this.

Leaning into his knowledge of herbalism, a decade of world travel, and a refined palate from his time as an award-winning mixologist, Drew spent a year formulating a new kind of pre-roll.

Blending cannabis with worldly botanicals, he curated complex aromas and flavors to evoke the good times he spent connecting with friends across the globe – from São Paulo to Seoul.